Sail San Blas, Colombia & Panama with 'African Queen 2'

Join Captain Rudy for a chilled out group voyage in San Blas

African Queen 2

Captain Rudy has been been doing this trip for years on his previous boats ‘Baruffa’ and ‘African Queen Queen I’. His current boat is ‘African Queen 2’ is a 54ft mono hull.

Rudy takes 12 people which is a good amount for a boat this size.  His previous boats always had a pretty good reputation and we’re sure that Rudy will continue with that.


African Queen 2

Type of boat: Bruno Veronese Monohull

Size: 54ft/16.5mts

Passenger Group Size: Medium

Panama Arrival/Departure: Puerto Lindo

Price: $550pp

Seasonal variations may apply to the price and arrival/departure locations




Cartagena de Indias

Hostel Mamallena Cartagena

Mamallena Cartagena. Conveniently located in the historic district of Getsemani.

Rincon del Mar

Hostel Mamallena Rinccon del Mar

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