Sail San Blas, Colombia & Panama with 'Quest'

Sail San Blas in a spectacular spacious custom built exploration sailboat


Join Swedish captain Goeran aboard the SY Quest San Blas sailboat now sailing regularly between Panama, Colombia and the San Blas Islands. He has 30 years of experience on different yachts and as commercial shipping crew. SY Quest is extremely spacious at 64 foot length over all and 8 ½ foot wide.

She was built with a strong steel hull and designed specifically for sail and dive charters. They take up to 9 guests and because of he size she is never crowded. The cabins features an upper and lower seagoing comfortable bed. Each bed has an individual reading light and a shelf at the foot end for small storage as well as an individual fan. There is storage space in a locker and under the bottom bunk. There are also two coat hooks.  All cabins have excellent ventilation with overhead deck hatches and fans, as well as ventilation through a dorade vent on deck.

There are two toilets with showers with hot and cold water. The saloon comfortably seats 8 people. Open hatches and portlights admit the refreshing trade wind breezes while fans provide further ventilation. 



Type of boat: Custom Steel Monohull

Size: 64ft/19.5mts

Passenger Group Size: Small

Panama Arrival/Departure: Puerto Lindo

Price: $600

Seasonal variations may apply to the price and arrival/departure locations




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