Sail San Blas, Colombia & Panama with 'San Blas Adventures'

A true backpacker island hopping tour of the San Blas Islands

San Blas Adventures

San Blas Adventures route takes you from Carti to La Miel, down through the full archipelago, visiting parts of San Blas no other trip goes to.

Being on a speed boat means you get to spend most of the time on the islands.  In 4 days you are only on the boat around 8 hours in total and there is no ocean crossing.  

On the trip you’ll sleep on the islands, spending two nights in Kuna villages and one night camping on a deserted island.  

The crew has years of experience both in boating and in San Blas.  They work closely with the Kuna giving you a unique opportunity to meet the people as well as experience the pristine beaches and waters on offer. In Colombia the trip starts/finishes in Capurgana, a beautiful Caribbean bay on the border of Panama & Colombia.  From there it is one day travel by boat and bus to Cartagena or Medellin which is not included in the price.


San Blas Adventures

Type of boat: Fast ‘Lancha’

Passenger Group Size: Large

Panama Arrival/Departure: Carti

Price: $445  

Please Note: This is not a sailboat tour

Seasonal variations may apply to the price and arrival/departure locations




Cartagena de Indias

Hostel Mamallena Cartagena

Mamallena Cartagena. Conveniently located in the historic district of Getsemani.

Rincon del Mar

Hostel Mamallena Rinccon del Mar

Our latest exciting project. Located right on the beach. You can take a few steps from the hostel and be in the sea.