Sail San Blas, Colombia & Panama with 'Sovereign Grace'

Panama and Colombia sailing trips aboard one of the largest boats in San Blas

Sovereign Grace

Sovereign Grace is one of the largest boats operating trips in San Blas. It measures a huge 74ft with a tough heavy steel hull. 

The boat can comfortably take 18 people in shared cabins with space for more in her large saloon area. The fore-deck area is very large for socializing and partying. 3 bathrooms with electric heads (toilets) and an elegant wood finish interior. She also has extensive safety equipment aboard.

The boats captain, John also owns the very popular ‘Wild Card’ so we know Sovereign Grace San Blas trips to Colombia and Panama are very much the same. He has a Master of Yachts Ocean licence. This entitles him to sail any Red Flagged vessel up to 200 tonnes anywhere in the world. He has also been operating Wild Card in the San Blas Islands for 5 years so is one of the more experienced captains operating in between Panama and Colombia.


Sovereign Grace

Type of boat: Custom Monohull

Size: 74ft/22.5mts

Passenger Group Size: Large

Panama Arrival/Departure: Puerto Lindo

Price: $600pp

Seasonal variations may apply to the price and arrival/departure locations




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